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Launch of GeoJS

I am proud to announce the launch of my new project GeoJS! GeoJS is a highly available REST/JSON/JSONP IP/Geolocation lookup API. It enables websites and platforms the ability to request »

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Shutdown of moa.sh

In an effort to slim down my technology stack and hopefully lesson the chance of any security risks I'm thinning down random services I've spin up in the past I've decided to shutdown »

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Casper Lite: My first Ghost theme

Ever since I started using Ghost I've struggled to find a theme that really fit the feel I wanted for my site. I love the default theme Casper but dislike the fonts used »

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Managing Disqus comments with Ghost Internal Tags

Ghost 0.9.0 (released on the 26th of July) comes with this awesome feature called Internal Tags. Internal Tags allow you to structure your posts and workflow using Ghost tags. They're slightly »

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Dynamic SSH jump hosts

This blog post is in response to this post by Mattias Geniar. I found his post through the Cron.Weekly newsletter which I highly recommend subscribing to. SSH jump hosts are generally used »

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Mr. Robot S2E4 - IRC chat clues

At the end of episode 4 season 2, titled eps2.2init1.asec, Elliot takes the plunge and gets back onto a computer for the first time this season. Elliot SSHs to 192.251. »

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Building IMAPFilter on Ubuntu 14.04

IMAPFilter is an amazing IMAP filtering system written in lua. It allows you to pragmatically filter email and get some pretty amazing results. It also means in situations where you mightn't have access »

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