GeoJS 2021 update

Last year was a rough year for GeoJS with a general downtrend in traffic to the service. Around mid-March, requests dropped by roughly five hundred million requests a day resulting in a 35% dip in traffic.

Only six months saw a traffic increase with the remaining six seeing negative growth.

Month Requests Growth
January 5,261,437,972 13.0%
February 6,243,650,585 18.6%
March 4,048,358,836 -35.1%
April 3,598,497,818 -11.1%
May 3,514,539,096 -2.3%
June 3,106,608,948 -11.6%
July 2,455,787,282 -20.9%
August 2,502,693,067 1.9%
September 2,484,759,693 -0.7%
October 2,642,522,306 6.3%
November 2,767,232,530 4.7%
December 3,015,889,288 8.9%

Overall this isn’t a bad thing. Four years of growth is amazing for a product I’ve never advertised and I couldn’t be happier. GeoJS still serves around one hundred million requests a day which is a large percentage more than I thought it ever would.

Over 2021 GeoJS served 50TB worth of traffic to users with Cloudflare serving 13 of those directly from cache. I want to thank Cloudflare once again for providing the bandwidth they do.

There are no major changes planned for GeoJS in 2022 apart from a rewrite of the web app at which I hope to release sometime later this year.