GeoJS added to EasyList

I’m sad to say that EasyList added GeoJS to its privacy block list in commit 52fb8d4 as part of pull request #4044 . For those that don’t know EasyList maintain several sets of block lists used by default in most of the major adblockers such as uBlock Origin and AdBlock.

What does this mean for you?

Unfortunately if you’re using GeoJS by including it as JS in your website anyone using a major adblocker will prevent GeoJS from loading. Any callbacks you’re using or JS functions wont run.

There is currently no way to work around this.

Going forward

I have an idea of offering a paid version of GeoJS that hosts the service on a subdomain of your choosing. If this is something you are interested in, please contact me .

As a service owner I have to say this really sucks. I worked hard on GeoJS getting it to where it is today and have loved seeing it grow month on month. I also don’t track any personal details and only track raw hits for the open page , gathering data and selling it just isn’t something I’m interested in.

With all that said, I completely understand why GeoJS was added to EasyList and I thank the maintainers for creating such a comprehensive list of blocks.