GeoJS goes open-source

I always planned on open-sourcing GeoJS but at the start the code was extremely rough. I wanted to clean it up before actually publishing it. That time has now come! I’ve been working over the past few months in a git repo tidying up the code and finishing off unit tests. This code is now running on the production nodes behind the service.

Along with unit tests I’ve added support for countries/regions/citys with non-English characters, such as Skarsvåg for example. Fun fact about Skarsvåg, apparently it is the northernmost settlement in the world that is accessible via a major road network.

Last piece of GeoJS news is the launch of a simple web app that allows you to lookup IP addresses via your browser and hard link directly to them. Thats also open-source in its own repo .

Photo by BishkekRocks - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0 .