GeoJS logging update

Historically GeoJS has kept raw access logs on the backend servers which contained information such as the requests IP address and referrer. These logs have never been sold or used for marketing purposes, they were just for capacity planning and analytics. They used to power the open page but that data is now sourced from Cloudflare’s API after moving to them last year .

In January GeoJS started serving enough traffic that we didn’t have enough disk space to store a single days worth of logs. Upgrading the servers seemed overkill just to keep logs we weren’t using.

Instead of upgrading we made the decision to disable access logs entirely. This has been in place for the last three months meaning GeoJS now logs nothing when you request information from it successfully.

Error logs are still enabled so we can debug any issues that may impact the service. We’re working on anonymising these however at this time they still contain the referrer and the requests IP address. We’ll update this post when this information has been removed.