GitHub username change

In an effort to change everything over from my moniker Mooash I’ve recently changed my GitHub username over to jloh.

Luckily the whole process was made really easy by GitHub. The username was originally taken but their policy about squatting is pretty clear . So, I contacted them (via the contact from on the page above) and got the following response:

Hi James,

You are in luck — we have classified the jloh account as inactive and released the username for you to claim, as per our Name Squatting Policy:

Be quick, as the username is now publicly available!


So I just followed the docs on how to change your GitHub Username and it was done.

Sadly, my old username doesn’t redirect to my new one and I’m not sure whether its okay for me to go ahead and register it again for just that purpose. I guess that’d constitute squatting.

Anyone using my repos, please update your git paths!