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GitHub username change

In an effort to change everything over from my moniker Mooash I've recently changed my GitHub username over to jloh. Luckily the whole process was made really easy by GitHub. The username was »

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Let's Encrypt Beta: My Experience

After recently being accepted into the Let's Encrypt beta (this post was originally written when it was not in public beta) I've finally managed to set it up. The email they send you »

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Opening files over SSH in vim

vim is awesome for editing files locally but copying your .vimrc to every system you want to edit files on and keeping it in sync can be a real PITA. You could use »

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Setting up Nagios and Munin

Overview This post is really old and was written when I was only just starting to grasp Linux systems, please take it all with a grain of salt. Recently I setup Nagios and »

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